there is no me


This blog is just here to inform the unaware that the “dysamoria” user on WordPress dot com is a fake & a stalker:

“savedysamoria” @ WordPress is a defamation blog run by people targeting me & any disabled persons, throwing out accusations about me which can be proven false. Sadly, WordPress doesn’t care about that type of abuse since around march 20th (2010).

Don’t believe anything on their blog. They’re abusing my trademark & attempting to defame me & everyone related to me. Even the comments they post on their entries are bullshit. They impersonated & mocked a visitor to my site who has a disability b/c they’re intolerant people who hate everything, including themselves. is the originator of the “dysamoria” identity & anything there is correct and legit in regards to me. i own the domain & invented the word in late 2004 / early 2005.

The WordPress dysamoria is false & only exists for stalkers to exercise their personality defects.

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